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We understand the importance of identifying & grooming your child's natural ability, strengths & skills early in the age

Unlock your child's true potential

World's 1st Personalized Learning Ecosystem for Children  

We create superior learners. We build self confidence.

Some children enjoy Math while others find it difficult. Some children are quick to pick up languages but may not be good at science. Someone shy, someone talkative.  

What works for one child may not work for other. We need to find out the unique learning nature of every child to develop superior learning skills.

What We Do
<span style="font-weight: bold;">We Test &amp; Assess</span>
We Test & Assess
We conduct online cognitive test & assessments to find out your child's natural ability, strengths, learning nature, core mental abilities like focus, iq, decision making speed & creativity
<span style="font-weight: bold;">We Offer Personalized Learning Activities</span>
We Offer Personalized Learning Activities
Based on your child's unique learning nature, we deliver activities that are challenging, creative, entertaining & highly effective
<span style="font-weight: bold;">We Guide &amp; Monitor</span>
We Guide & Monitor
Parents get guidance about their child to help build a great career, can track performance quarterly, set goals, help boost your child's mental skills & talent
Our Approach

Scientifically Validated

Our approach is based on great research work that is globally recognized & appreciated

Simple To Use

Unlock is specific, easy to implement & to the point

Highly Effective

Unlock is highly effective in developing your child's self confidence, skills & talent

Personalized Learning Environment

Improves Engagement, Inclination & Performance in Education

Our Story
CRACS - This is Our Story

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Our Research Works Are Appreciated, Accepted, Published & Presented at Top Forums in India, US, UK including ICARSS London, QS RiE San Francisco California

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Just Think! What do most successful people have in common?

"Is it their degrees, schooling, marks, hardwork, destiny, money or something else?"

Most successful people have a Better Brain, Quick Learning Skills, Self Confidence & Natural Ability


Research Headquarters

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Email support@cracslab.com


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