Bring certainty to your child's future


Unlock eliminates guesswork & mediocrity to realize greatness for every child

Unlock is a Personalized Learning & Guidance Platform to make every child a stand out performer


Captures learning nature

Every child has different learning nature, potential & inclination

Customizes environment

We deliver child centric activities, solutions & valid content

Improves performance

Self confident children give better performance

"Nothing can beat natural ability, better learning skills & self confidence"

"Unlock delivers"

Learner centric activities to build inclination, spark & passion

Creates personalized learning environment based on your child's natural ability & cognitive profile

Workouts, Assignments, Activities, Books, Movies, Games & more...


"Significantly improves your child’s self confidence within school, outside school, in competitions, in public & at home."

"Ticks Content that's valid & relevant for your child"

To boost natural ability & cognitive skills



Games & more

Why Unlock


Scientifically valid, reliable, with evidence of effectiveness


Unlock is specific, easy to implement & to the point


Based on cognitive science - mother of all future technologies

"Unlock is technology's contribution to education"

CRACS - This is Our Story

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The Unlock Promise


Better Cognitive Efficiency

Better Learning Skills

Consistent Performance

Higher Self Confidence

"Research has established that bookish knowledge or academic brilliance are not the key parameters for a great career. Most successful people in this world have better learning skills, focus, decision making ability & creativity. Most of these people are working in the field of their natural ability.

Unlock helps identify all these factors early in the age so that we can work upon it and give your child an early advantage."


We are future ready. Are you?

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