World's greatest platform to identify & build your child's true potential

How it Works

Identify Your Child's Potential

We conduct smart assessments to find out your child's Natural ability, Strengths, Learning nature, Core mental abilities like Focus, IQ, Decision making & Creativity

Create A Learning Environment

Based on your child's unique learning nature, we plan & deliver activities that are personalized, challenging, creative, entertaining & highly effective

Plan, Perform, Guide & Monitor

Plan your child's daily & monthly activity, get guidance to build a great career, track performance quarterly, set goals, help boost your child's mental skills & talent
Unlock by CRACS - World's 1st Personalized Learning Platform for Children

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Monthly Mental Skill Workouts

Download monthly workouts to help develop superior mental skills, reading, writing, thinking & speed

Daily Tasks to Experiment

To enrich your child's learning experiences we plan 30 unique tasks to do every month

Weekly Learning Activity

Activities may include reading, writing, watching, listening, academic, logical or creative content, non-academic in nature

Get Personalized Guidance

Unlock recommends books, games & movies that are suitable for your child's learning nature

Why Unlock is "The Best Choice"

Scientific Approach

Our approach is based on great research work that is globally recognized, appreciated & regularly published .. read more

Simple To Use

Unlock is specific, easy to implement & to the point

Highly Effective

Unlock is highly effective in developing your child's self confidence, skills & talent


Sharp Brain & Better Skills

Superior Performance

Higher Self Confidence

Dear Parents, Think! What do most successful people have in common??

Is it their degrees, schooling, marks, hardwork, destiny, money or something else!!

Most successful people have

A Better Brain, Quick Learning Skills, Self Confidence & they work in the field of their Natural Ability


Our Research Works are Appreciated, Accepted, Published & Presented at Various Top Forums

in India, US, UK including reputed journals like

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UNLOCK Annual Assessments, Activities & Solutions (12 MONTHS)
Rs.4800/year Subscribe
UNLOCK Lifetime Assessments, Activities & Solutions (Lifetime) Rs.9500/lifetime Subscribe
UNLOCK Test Only Assessment + free daily activity platform for 1 year Rs.2400 Subscribe

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