CRACS - This is Our Story

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What we do

We are CRACS

We Deliver Customized Learning Solutions to reorder & enhance cognitive performance

We Define Standardized Processes to eliminate guesswork in childhood education & career planning

We Develop Assessment Tools to numerically measure human cognition

Our Research Works 
Published Papers, Documentation, Case Studies

What drives us

Across the globe, developed or developing, we are still fighting the same old problems in school education. How can our children develop natural interest in academics? Why can't all children become top performers in a classroom? How to scientifically design great & meaningful careers? How can we design superior learners?

Look at how technology has transformed Banking, Medical, Space, Infrastructure, Information, Warfare, Transportation etc., but not education. We never had the luxury of having a customized education solution or application that can turn-on a child to fall in love with education or something that can make every child a performer. ​Wow! Not even Google search responded. Until the nerds jump in. Because education is a matter of universal interest.