Q1: What is Unlock?

Ans: Unlock is a personalized learning platform to realize the true potential of your child.

Q2: What is personalized learning?

Ans: It’s a learner centric education system. It works on the strengths and learning nature of the child. It identifies the type of learner & based on its outcome it delivers learning activities, interesting assignments, & content. It helps in quickly building child’s inclination towards education. Drastic improvement in overall performance of children is recorded.

Q3: Why is this so important?

Ans: Some children enjoy Math while others find it difficult. Some children are quick to pick up languages but not good at science. Someone is a thinker while another is a leader. Some are quiet while others are naughty. So what works for one child may not work for the other. Personalization helps in delivering better results, because it builds natural inclination in education. Inclination & enhanced cognitive efficiency does the magic.

Q4: What is learning nature?

Ans: It’s a preferential way in which a child absorbs, processes, comprehends and retains information. In other words every child learns differently.

Q5: How Unlock works?

Ans: We conduct cognitive ability assessment to identify the complete learning nature of your child. It is followed by delivering personalized learning environment through

Daily Experiential Tasks (30 in a month)

Weekly personalized activities (May contain reading, writing, creative, video, physical activities)

Monthly workouts as assignment (50 worksheets to do per month)

Quarterly Tracker Assessment for monitoring the progress

Recommended Books, Videos, Movies, Games & more..

Q6: What are the immediate benefits of Unlock?

Ans: Unlock makes your child a smart learner and a better student by building engagement & inclination

Improves cognitive functioning & boosts natural ability

Enhances your child’s confidence and performance

Q7: How do you monitor the progress?

Ans: Quarterly cognitive ability tests are conducted to track the child’s performance.

Q8: What is the best age to start Unlock & for how long?

Ans: Childhood is the foundation. You should start as early as possible. It is highly beneficial if you continue it during entire schooling. Minimum 1 year is recommended to get the best results.

Q9: What is the cost of Unlock?

Ans: Please click Subscribe

Q10: What if I need more support?

Ans: You can anytime write to us at support@cracslab.com