Unlock is as unique as your child

For Grade Nursery - 1, Grades 2 - 8

"Unlock identifies your child's Natural & Cognitive Ability, Level of Focus, Creativity & Dynamic IQ, Decision Making Ability, Learning Style, Speed, Cognitive Efficiency and Career Building Insights."

Based on this analysis, it delivers custom learning solutions & tracks progress

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Get personalized weekly activity! A big parenting relief

Activity may include reading, writing, watching, listening, academic, logical or creative content, non-academic in nature. This keeps your child curious & motivated.

It slowly starts to develop your child's inclination in education. 

Download monthly workouts! Challenging & creative

Most children are intelligent, but what they lack is focus, attention, decision making skills, speed & creativity. Get monthly workouts to develop these skills. 

Its our higher order skills and core mental abilities that plays a more important role in life.

Daily experiential task

Children need excitement. Children need experiments. But as parents we don’t get time to think & plan different activities for them.

To make children talented & to build their experiences we provide 30 activities under 30 different categories, every month.

Do more with Unlock

Get child centric recommendations for books, movies, games, tv shows, places to travel & more...

We conduct tracker tests on quarterly basis to evaluate the progress of your child.

You can do comparison checks and get future recommendations.

You can expect amazing results within few months.

As a scientifically validated program, Unlock helps in eliminating guesswork in educational & career building decisions.