Nursery - KG

Engage your kid in meaningful activities early in the age. Build talent & skills for life.


We identify & groom natural ability of children to elevate their performance. Based on your child's unique learning nature, we deliver activities that are challenging, creative & entertaining all round the year.

We conduct online test & assessment to analyze your child's mental abilities, learning nature & true potential

Find out your child's intellectual, physical, social & emotional intelligence levels. Find out your child's talent, natural ability & skill strengths early in the age.

Personalize the learning atmosphere

Once you complete the assessment, we deliver personalized talent & skill building activities for your child on your platform. It significantly improves & impacts reading, writing, thinking, hidden talent, creativity, attention, concentration, verbal & non-verbal skills. Amazing results can be expected within 6 months.

Unlock Monthly Subscription
570/- per month
Unlock Annual Subscription
4800/- full year

Our Research Works Are Appreciated, Accepted, Published & Presented at Top Forums in India, USA, UK including ICARSS London, QS RiE San Francisco California. To read more about our research & development works click here